What is Market Access?

Market Access is the process by which you demonstrate the value of your technology or therapy to Payers, Clinicians & Patients.

When introducing your technology it’s important to consider its route to market and the processes it needs to pass through. Each stage will often require different things: clinical evidence, cost effectiveness data, patient & clinician advocacy. 

Most European countries have their own systems and process in in place (for example NICE and NHS England in the UK, BFARM in Germany). Understanding these systems is key to ensuring your technology achieves reimbursement.

What do you need to do?

You should think about market access and reimbursement in much the same way you would when thinking about other parts of your business. 

Market Access should be an integral part of your overall strategy and should complement your product development, clinical trials program and sales & marketing plans. 

We often hear that a  technology is not getting to market even though it is superior to what is currently available. This is usually down to the the product not having demonstrated its value through the Market Access process.

Engaging a Market Access specialist will ensure that you deliver the right evidence, arguments and value propositions to the key stakeholders that ultimately make the decision.

When should you start?

Market Access can be started at any stage, but should be thought about as soon as possible.

The way you design your clinical studies, the clinicians you partner with and the processes you engage are are all key in ensuring you have the correct evidence and advocacy to bring you product successfully to market.

Market Access can sometimes be as simple as understanding whether reimbursement codes already exist for your technology but more often requires a long period of effort to achieve an optimum outcome.

Navigating your technology through its market access pathway can be confusing. Discover what might be needed for your technology.

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